With flexible working solutions from Sesui, employees can establish a secure, collaborative, and productive environment remotely. The result? You can better match resource requirements to capacity needs with employees covering shifts from remote locations, resulting in an overall reduction in headcount and operational costs.

Employers are increasingly looking for flexible working solutions in order to retain good staff, and recruit new employees. Providing flexibility in the workplace can increase employee commitment, help decrease staff turnover, and benefit recruitment drives.

Supported by a legal requirement for employers to reasonably review all employee requests, flexible working is here to stay. By embracing this change to the working landscape, and implementing the necessary tools to facilitate it, companies ensure they continue to attract and retain the best workers.


Business data

All calls, inbound and outbound, are securely recorded and if the Sesui i-App is used on personal mobiles, call charges are automatically attributed to the organisation, rather than the individual.

Organisations will also gain the benefit of real-time reporting on call statistics of remote workers, irrespective of their location, to monitor productivity and identify trends and to help plan for future cover.

The flexibility afforded by the Sesui flexible working solutions provides a reduction in operational costs, a better work/life balance for your employees and an improved service for your customers.

Get in touch today to see how Sesui’s flexible working solutions can benefit your business.

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