Using a cloud contact centre enables you to provide the same level of service to your customers, irrespective of where your employees are based. You’ll have the benefit of a customer contact centre without the physical location. Call handlers may be spread across the country, or even world, whether your business requires individuals with industry specialisms, or a team of 2,000, Sesui can help you provide a consistent service to your customers.

With the cloud contact centre from Sesui, call handlers have the flexibility to work from any location.

By accessing full and advanced contact centre functionality from the cloud, Sesui offers solutions tailored to your business, providing managers, supervisors and agents with different levels of access. From making and receiving calls, to monitoring and managing performance and adjusting capacity, through to making informed business decisions with real-time reporting, the system will be tailored to your business needs.

Your headquarters, remote offices and home workers will be connected into one cloud contact centre. They’ll operate seamlessly as a team and enable you to recruit employees outside your current location. Improve the customer experience, whilst increasing agent productivity and performance, eliminating overtime costs, and reducing overheads.


The benefits of a cloud contact centre from Sesui:

Mobile & flexible working

Give your employees the ability to work remotely, from home, or on the go. Open up the talent pool for recruitment and increase agent retention.


Establish a collaborative and productive environment, where resources can easily be re-allocated and shared to better manage capacity and reduce operational and headcount costs.

Resource planning, capacity management & performance monitoring

Understand demand, predict and plan resourcing requirements to the minute, hour or day. Provide financial and staffing models based on call statistics and minute by minute call trends. Proactively monitor productivity and performance with call recording and call statistics.

Extensive call management functionality

Comprehensive call control functionality including multi-level skills based routing, intelligent call queuing, messaging and broadcasting, sophisticated call recording and in-depth real-time reporting.

Immediately scalable

Scale the solution up and down appropriately as call volumes and demand rises and falls, so you pay only for the capacity you need and use.

Service continuity

Operate across an established cloud-based network, with multiple data centres for resilience and secure anytime access that gives you peace of mind and ongoing service continuity.

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