Business intelligence is the process of analysing and interpreting company data with a view to making informed business decisions.

Many organisations are already looking at available call data in order to regulate and improve productivity of their contact centre agents. However, for many, telephony insight is often only about contributing to the numbers game of hitting targets and exceeding them.

How is this improving service? With cloud call management solutions, business intelligence data can inform organisations beyond the productivity of their staff, to the profitability of their business.

With cloud call management solutions data can be used to make informed business decisions beyond the productivity of staff. Business intelligence provides real time information to assist with making decisions with a view to overall business profitability.

By connecting multiple sites and dispersed resources, the cloud delivers centralised access to real-time business intelligence metrics throughout a company’s entire calling environment. These applications go far beyond call logging for retrospective analysis. They can bring a whole new level of benefits across the business, from the c-suite and senior executives to marketers, operations, shared services and commercial functions.


Informed business decisions

At the call management level, Sesui provides the facility for you to set-up customised reports that give an in-depth analysis of each and every call, including speed to answer, queue lengths, waiting and handling times, abandonment rates, call costs and call volumes.

Statistical information on call patterns and trends is easily accessible and can be used to understand and plan capacity requirements, giving you a better understanding of staff performance and their workloads, as well as the ability to monitor and refine services.

Call today for further information on how call management business intelligence can help you to make informed decisions for the benefit of your customers and your business.

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