Cloud telephony at its best

Sesui is a cloud contact centre pioneer delivering feature-rich, intelligent telephony solutions that are hosted in the cloud and built around the compliance, market initiatives and commercial needs of your business. For further details, just call 03445 600 600 or get in touch.


i-Virtual Contact Centre

Become truly location independent with Sesui’s i-Virtual Contact Centre. Create a wider geography when recruiting new talent and reap the benefits of cloud technology.

No matter where your personnel are based, central office, mobile users, home workers or remote office based users within or across borders, Sesui’s i-Virtual Contact Centre offers consistent functionality.

Working with you, the virtual contact centre solution reflects your business requirements. The benefit? Service can be improved, cost savings can be made, business continuity is provided, and compliance with industry standards can be assured. All of this provides demonstrable results, upon which business decisions can be made.

i-Virtual contact centre, scalable, reliable, and profitable for your business.


i-Call Manager

The i-Call Manager provides simple number translation through to more complex call routing, messaging and fail-over services. This solution provides affordable cloud technology for less complex telephony applications. It also provides a stepping stone to virtual contact centre functionality as and when deemed appropriate for your business.

i-Call Manager is underpinned by Sesui’s powerful and highly resilient i-Platform with ‘from anywhere’ secure access to a wealth of performance related statistics and reporting.


Owned and developed in-house, the award winning Sesui i-Platform supports all Sesui products and services.

To ensure Sesui can continually offer solutions reflective of client business needs the i-Platform can be overlaid onto any type or combination of telephony infrastructures including digital, IP or analogue. Therefore there is no need to rip and replace or standardise your existing set up.

The i-Platform is modular and able to offer the same high levels of performance from simple point-to-point connections through to complex virtual contact centre solutions. It delivers the highest levels of resilience possible, and can operate across multiple network locations in any region of the world. It is manageable over the internet using industry standard PC hardware and software and delivers easy to generate and understand business intelligence.

The i-Platform is extremely resilient and is installed within highly secure carrier grade environments.



Sesui’s i-App is available on both Android and iOS platforms, routing calls over the Sesui network. It delivers contact centre functionality to employee or business supplied mobile devices in a secure and controlled manner. It provides the ability to add call recording for both inbound and outbound calls, and control caller ID information during outbound calling. Coupled with eliminating any costs that could be incurred by the mobile users, and with usage integrated within Sesui’s real-time reporting engine, this is a must for businesses with professionals on the move.

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