Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Sesui’s resilient and scalable healthcare telephone systems solutions have been developed to manage all the day-to-day calling requirements of healthcare organisations, from GP surgeries through to out-of-hours services, and NHS 111 providers.

All solutions are built on Sesui’s award winning telephony platform, the i-Platform. Maintaining and developing this platform sets Sesui apart from other telephony providers, enabling your functionality needs and requirements to be responded to faster and more effectively.

Solutions provided by Sesui will work across any type of existing infrastructure or phone line, so there is no need to rip and replace, or invest in additional telecoms equipment or infrastructure. The cloud-based nature of the healthcare telephone systems ensures service continuity is a given should an incident occur and disaster recovery plans need to be enacted.

Whatever you need from your healthcare telephone systems, we’ll work with you to provide a solution, which can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

For further details, or to discuss your requirements just call just call 03445 600 600 or get in touch.


Secure call recording over N3

Sesui is an IGSoC compliant supplier and can operate directly over the N3 environment. All inbound and outbound calls are securely recorded and accessible over N3, irrespective of whether they are made or received on-site, remotely or on the go from the Sesui i-App.

NQR reporting and patient insight

Comprehensive reporting on all call statistics gives you a real-time view of what is happening across the calling environment. Information on call patterns and trends is easily accessible, with NQR 8 reports delivered at the touch of a button. For further details download the information sheet.


With the Sesui platform there is control over telephony integration. To further improve productivity and efficiency, we have an established integration with Adastra’s patient management system, where call recordings are filtered to the appropriate patient record, and time and date stamped for easy retrieval, all within the N3 environment.

Working with you, we’ll deliver a solution that suits your business needs and environment. Get in touch today to see how Sesui can provide a seamless, efficient and cost effective calling experience for you and your patients.

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