Improving and enhancing the patient calling experience is imperative for healthcare providers.

Building solutions to the sectors’ very specific needs has enabled Sesui to deliver healthcare telephone systems that go far beyond just answering the phone for primary and urgent healthcare providers.

Whether you’re a cluster of GP surgeries, groups and federations of practices, provide out of hours services, or are an NHS 111 provider, Sesui can help.

Working with you, we’ll provide a solution that enables you to provide the best patient access by giving you flexibility in working arrangements, the ability to collaborate, and the information to make decisions on the number of staff needed to deliver an improved patient experience / service.


For further information and solutions:

  • Provide flexible working to help recruit & retain GPs, clinician & non-clinicians alike (download sheet)
  • Match resource capacity to demand for services (download sheet)
  • Integrate and collaborate to save clinical & non-clinical costs (download sheet)
  • Meet NQRs and report more efficiently (download sheet)

Sesui understand the immediacy of support needed by healthcare providers. That’s why we’ll work with you to deliver the solutions and support to safeguard your operation.

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